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The AMOEBA comes in 3 forms. The CCR, which we will name the Original, the CCC, it's singular top railed brother, and the CCP, which is basically the CCC without the stock.

How does it fire? Well, the AMOEBA has the inner barrel length of the average pistol. All 3 shoot at 300 fps which is perfect for CQB and the strange thing is that it is actually very accurate. It can hit a can regularly from about 20 meters away with no problem. If you want to make it more accurate, replace the inner barrel with any AEG barrel and cover it up with a suppressor to make this look Badarse!

The AMOEBA uses ARES's Electric Fire Control System so you can make your AMOEBA shoot in burst fire if you wish. Inside, you can find a MOSFET so each and every single shot is even and consistent with one full rotation of the gears. For the CCR, CCC and CCP, you can remove the 'stock' to reveal a quick change spring system which was very thoughtful of ARES!

The coolest thing about it is you can hold it like you hold a pistol. A firm grip with both hands and it'll stay steady as the weight is right in the middle!

Data sheet

Power sourceElectric
Firing modeSemi + Full automatic
Main colorBlack
Thread type14mm CW
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.03
GearboxHybrid V2
Gear ratio18:1 Torque
Quick change springYes
Integrated MosfetYes Factory built in
Trigger SystemElectronic
MotorV2 Long Axis
Magazine VersionHi Cap (scroll wheel)
Magazine capacity300
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorSmall Tamiya
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)320fps



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