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The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible. Like a real gun, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and require activation of the bolt catch after a reloaded magazine has been inserted. Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 is built to be as tough as the real thing. The internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle both powerful springs and high-speed solutions.

Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 is built to be as tough as the real thing. The fiber-reinforced polymer used in the construction is the same as the original submachine gun, making it one of the toughest Airsoft guns around. The EVO is designed to be built from fewer parts than most Airsoft guns. The simple construction using high quality components results in a durable, high performing AEG that is easy to take apart for service, maintenance and upgrades.

Great effort went in to designing the details of this Airsoft gun, this is evident in how well everything fits together, from the tight fit of the folding adjustable stock on the receiver to the way the fire selector sounds when it clicks into position. Along the many unique features of the EVO 3 A1, it still offers many of the standard features found on other Airsoft guns allowing players to customize and upgrade their Airsoft gun.

New designed gearbox :

The EVO 3 A1 gearbox is designed from scratch by ASG, rather than modifying existing gearbox versions to deliver functions they were not intended for in the first place, the EVO 3 A1 internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle powerful springs or high-speed solutions. Add to all this the easy power change design with one-tool quick spring access, allowing fast in-the-field spring changes to best match mission requirements.


ECU controlled gearbox :

Not content with the limitations of a traditional electrical gearbox, the EVO 3 A1 gearbox has been designed with an innovative electronic control unit. Benefits of using an electronically controlled Airsoft gun include; reduction in the number of mechanical and electrical parts resulting in increased battery and motor efficiency, while offering an instantaneous crisp trigger response that experienced Airsoft players appreciate. A lot of time and effort has gone into achieving the exact dimensions of the mag-well. This has been done to ensure that the magazine will sit perfectly, drop out easily when released and sound just right when a magazine is inserted.

The EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, designed and built to bring Airsoft players as close to the experience of handling the original (polymer) EVO 3 A1 as possible. All weight, size and handling characteristics have been constructed to match the real gun – and like a real gun, the Airsoft version will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and requires activation of the bolt catch after a fresh magazine has been inserted.

The EVO 3 A1 features an ergonomic design with fully ambidextrous controls that are easy to access and operate even while wearing gloves. Its compact size, lightweight and ambidextrous design lets it be handled by any player and makes it perfect for high speed games and CQB. Being a highly realistic licensed replica in both form and function this Airsoft gun will also appeal to both mil-sim and gun enthusiasts alike.

Feature :

  • New designed gearbox
  • Easy velocity change
  • Electronically controlled gearbox
  • Empty magazine detection
  • 4-position fire selector with genuine 3-shot burst
  • ULTIMATE basic motor
  • CNC machined parts
  • Made in Europe

Data sheet

Caliber6mm Airsoft
Length815-615mm / 32,1-24,2inch
Main colorBlack
Firing modeSemi + Burst + Auto
Attachment SystemM-LOK
Power sourceElectric
Inner barrel (mm)410
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.05
Gearbox inserts8mm Bushings
Gear ratio18:1 Torque
Quick change spring GearboxYes
Integrated MosfetYes Factory built in
Trigger SystemElectronic
Magazine VersionMid-cap Spring operated
Magazine capacity75
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorDEAN (T-Plug)
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)440fps


Airsoft gun Law

This airsoft replica is subject to the french Decree No. 99-240 of March 24, 1999, which regulates the law of replica firearms developing an output energy from the muzzle greater than 0.08 joule and equal to or less than 2 joules. This product is intended for recreational use only. By adding this product to your cart, you acknowledge:

  • Being older than 18
  • Master the basic safety rules concerning the use of this type of replica (wearing protective glasses, playing in a suitable and private place, etc.).
  • Never expose the replica in a public place because it can be mistaken for a real weapon with all the disastrous consequences that this implies
  • Being in full knowledge of the airsoft laws in your local country and buying knowingly, Powair6 cannot be responsible in the case of illegal importation.
  • Never point or shoot at a person, animal or any other object representing any danger.
  • Do not aim with your replica until you are ready to shoot at the target you have selected.
  • Do not shoot on a hard surface, risk of the ball bouncing, or in water, which could cause dangerous ricochets.
  • Do not aim the shot at the eyes or ears.
  • Do not use airsoft without wearing goggles or a protective mask.
  • Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the product in order to increase its firing power. It can be dangerous and will void the warranty.
  • Always be sure to keep the safety “ON” when you are no longer using the product.
  • Never look into the barrel, a BB may be hurt your eyes.


Questions  (4)

A partir de Aaron | 2024-05-12 15:43:47


J'aimerai rajouter des rails picatinny sur les côtés, avez-vous un set de rails compatibles ?


A partir de Aaron | 2024-03-10 17:54:58


J'aimerai changer le canon interne pour un autre plus précis, lequel me conseillez vous ?



Bonjour , nous vous recommandons ce canon que nous utilisons dans nos customs BET HPA.


A partir de Aaron | 2023-04-05 09:12:42

Est-il possible de modifier la réplique pour la passer au format court ?
Et si oui qu'elles sont les pièces à acheter ?


oui, il est possible d'y installer ce garde-main :
Réf : 19330

A partir de Aaron | 2023-03-26 17:25:15

Bonjour, niveau batterie laquelle recommanderiez vous ?


il vous faudra une batterie stick AK :
Réf : 639055

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