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New Shark 0.8L 48Ci 4500 PSI carbon tank + HP preset - View larger

Shark 0.8L 48Ci 4500 PSI carbon tank + HP preset


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Air pack including :

  • CARBON tank 0.8L (48Ci) SHARK pressure 4500 PSI / 310 BAR
  • 4500 PSI preset with output pressure 800PSI

Caracteristics :

  • Kevlar / carbon tank with aluminum inner shell
  • Polyurethane outer coating resistant to abrasion and shock
  • Requalification every 5 years
  • Life of the bottle: without limit !!

Data sheet

Power sourceHPA
Main colorBlack
Tank type4500 PSI
Preset typeStandard
Output pressure800 PSI HP
PI approved regulatoryes
PI approved tankyes

Air Tanks useful tips

Always :

  • Keep the thread and inside of your tank away from oil, dirt or other contaminants.
  • Make sure your tank has not passed the re-test date. Bottles must be inspected and hydrostatically tested as follows: Aluminum tank : every 10 years. Composite tank : every 5 years (composite bottles have a maximum life of 15 years from the first hydrostatic test)
  • Keep the outside of your bottle clean and use only mild or neutral detergent when necessary. Make sure the bottle is completely dry after cleaning.
  • Store in a dry, cool and adequately ventilated place.
  • Have your bottle serviced by a qualified person only.
  • Make sure all accessories in the bottle are serviced, reviewed, inspected and handled in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Have the cylinder checked or hydrostatically retested if it shows signs of corrosion, holes or dents, if it has been damaged by heat, a fall, or other.
  • Make sure there is no leak before each job. In the event that a leak is detected, the tank must not be refilled under any circumstances.
  • Check that the cylinder to be filled with air has a working pressure (PW) engraved on the crown (for all aluminum bottles) or printed on the label (for all composite bottles) which should not be exceeded by the filling apparatus. Fill compressed air to less than 40 bar (600 psi) per minute at the service pressure (PW) indicated on the cylinder.
Never :

  • Modify or darken the markings on the bottle.
  • Let your bottle roll during your travels.
  • Drop, knock or heat your bottle.
  • Expose your bottle to excessive heat (> 50 ° C).
  • Attempt to change the thread or force a valve inside the bottle.
  • Attempt to remove metal from the bottle by any means, as this will render the cylinder unsuitable for its nominal pressure.
  • Modify your bottle by adding additional openings for gauges or filling tips.
  • Repaint the bottle with paints that require high temperature cooking. Only use air-drying paints. Do not use caustic paint strippers or corrosive cleaners as they will damage the bottle.
  • Use the bottle for something other than its intended use.
  • Request that the bottle be filled beyond its nominal capacity. An overflow is dangerous.
  • Use or have your bottle filled if it leaks or if you suspect it is damaged. In this case, refer the bottle to an authorized specialist for a detailed visual inspection.
  • Fill a bottle that has exceeded its date of inspection and periodic retest.
  • Change your bottle in any way or add unauthorized accessories. Unauthorized modifications are illegal and could make the bottle unsafe.
  • Never fill a bottle of compressed air with Co2, you would put yourself in serious danger.
The bottles we ship are empty, we do not have the right to ship pressurized compressed air containers.

You can find the EU legislation on compressed air containers on the website of the French federation of Paintball.


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