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This set include HK G28 tuned with REDLINE Lightning fitted. All the details of our workshop preparation can be found bellow. Gun comes with integrated grip connect in EU or US version and 100 rounds mid cap magazine.

Options :

- 7.4v lipo battery : Optional, selectable

- Regulator : Optional, selectable

- Tank : Optional, selectable

- Battery charger

UMAREX H&K G28 DX TAN AEG with hard case

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Redline SR-E Lightning M4

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Polarstar trigger board Jack /F1 / F2 / Redline HK417

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417 HPA Workshop preparation

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HPA tank

HPA Battery


Born of the Bundeswehrs need for a high powered, accurate, long range and yet portable designated marksman rifle the Heckler and Koch G28 is a rifle built purely for the modern warfighter. With the battle tested H&K 417 as a base, the armorers in Oberndorf Germany crafted the G28 with one purpose in mind, to provide the German military with the capability to deliver devastating firepower, at an extended range, while maintaining the size and portability of a standard battle rifle. The result of all of this hard work and engineering is the Heckler and Koch G28 Standard. With a barrel length of almost 17 inches, a selectable, gas regulator, for use with a suppressor and a warranted accuracy of 1.5 MOA, the G28 emerged as a flexible, reliable and effective weapon in the German infantryman's toolbox.

H&K, in collaboration with Umarex and VFC have crafted this stunning replica of one of the most recognizable H&K weapons seen on the battlefield today. Presented in the "standard" configuration The H&K G28 AEG rifle comes from the factory as a semi-only rifle, living up to its real steel counterparts role as a DMR. The rifle is finished in the recognizable RAL8000 finish seen on the real deal, increasing not only its realism, but maintaining the rifles low profile in a desert environment. The front end of the weapon is complemented by a full size replica of the same rail seen in the hands of German soldiers deployed the world over. As with any precision rifle, one trait that is of monumental importance is the stock, the G28 delivers. Fully adjustable, the G28 stock allows the end user to adjust for length, height and cheek weld easily and quickly. To top off the excellent features and design of the rifle itself H&K included replicas of the Schmidt & Bender type scope mount and Micro dot mounts seen on the real thing, along with a bipod, bipod adapter, sling mount and vertical grip.


  • Dedicated semi automatic only construction allows for use as DMR or sniper role
  • Realistic tan/green finish as seen on real steel G28 rifles used overseas
  • Fully adjustable stock including, length, height and cheek weld
  • Inncludes bipod and bipod adapter
  • Exact replicas of H&K Optics mounts and 30mm adapters included
  • Full length rail allows for modular accessory mounting
  • Includes H&K traded rail covers
  • Uses standard 417 style magazines

Length: 970mm / 1040mm, Adjustable (collapsed / total)
Weight: 5100g
Inner Barrel: 440mm
Magazine Capacity: 100rd mid cap
Muzzle Velocity: 420 FPS
Gearbox: Ver 2.2 custom gearbox (Full Metal)
Fire Modes: Semi-automatic, Full auto, Safety
Hopup: Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, scope mounts, bipod, bipod adapter, vertical grip, sling adapter, VFC Hard Case

Scope and red dot not included

Data sheet

Type417 / G28
Power sourceElectric
Firing modeSemi + Full automatic
Thread type14mm counterclockwise (CCW)
Main colorDark Earth
Attachment System20mm rail
Inner barrel (mm)450
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.03
Gearbox inserts8mm Bushings
Gear ratioTorque 18:1
Quick change springNo
Integrated MosfetNo
Trigger SystemMecanic Switch
MotorV2 Long Axis
Magazine VersionMid cap spring operated
Magazine capacity100
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorSmall Tamiya
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)420

Customers reviews

Nathanael C.
Une magnifique pièce!
Une magnifique pièce! Je vais pas prendre le temp d'écrire un roman mais, la replique est superbe, finitions très propre, teinte parfaite, et les performance... je dispose d'un télémetre et je peut assurer que d'origine la replique ateint très proprement les 70m a la 0.32 avec un groupement honorable (a peut près la taille d'un torse humain) veillé juste a faire attention a la puissance, la...
Guizzon P.
Parfait !
Parfait ! Comment dire ?55 mètres de portée Supporte la 11.1V direct en sortie de boite Un peu moins de 400 fps Plus léger qu'un 417 Marquage et gravure magnifiqueFranchement, TOP Biensûr c'est quand même pas donné mais une fois en mains on sais parfaitement pourquoi.

The Redline SR-E Lightning is a Patent Pending HPA drop in cylinder replacement. The Lightning is not just another cylinder replacement engine. It uses only a single solenoid, has a forward biased nozzle and fires from a true closed bolt.

 Due to its true closed bolt design the Lightning is much more consistent in seating the BB in the bucking from shot to shot when compared to a typical open bolt HPA engine. The result is more consistent shot to shot velocity, tighter groupings and greater accuracy at range when compared to open bolt HPA engines.

 A unique feature of the Lightning is that it uses a mechanically sealed, dump chamber. Rather than relying on solenoid dwell to control the volume of air used to propel the BB, the Lightning fills an internal air chamber at the pressure set by the users external supply regulator.

 When fired, this air chamber is mechanically sealed off from the supply and the chambers contents is released down the barrel to propel the BB. This feature contributes to the Lightnings excellent shot to shot consistency, with no air wasted do to improper dwell settings.

The Lightning is also super simple to set up. Since there is no poppet dwell to tune you just set your supply regulators output pressure to match the Joules required and you are good to go. The proper amount of air needed for each shot regardless of BB weight, barrel length or any other factor is all that is released.

The FCU is programmable for:

1 : Nozzle Dwell.  

2: Semi Auto Max Rate of Fire

3: Full Auto / Burst Mode

4: Full Auto Rate of Fire

5: Anti Stiction Pulse

6: Selector position

You can also convert the Lightning from electro-pneumatic to a  mechanical-pneumatic operation with an optional conversion kit.

SR-E Lightning key features:

  • True closed bolt, single solenoid HPA cylinder replacement.                                                                                                                 
  • Super easy to setup. Most people can just install and play with no FCU tuning needed.
  • Easy hop tuning do to its true closed bolt design.
  • Fixed area dump chamber design.
  • Convertible from Electro-Pneumatic to fully Mechanical-Pneumatic with optional conversion kit.
  • Less "joule creep" than typical HPA engines.
  • Made in the USA


Data sheet

HPA SystemRedline SR Lightning
Power sourceHPA
Firing modeSemi + Full automatic
Battery ConnectorJST
PackagingSingle Product

Customers reviews

Rémi B.
régularité inégalable :)
régularité inégalable :) super produit. une régularité qui varie des fois de 0.01J +/- la chambre a volume fix fais bien son travail plus régulier que wolverine en burst cadence de 6000bbs/min je trouve domage qu'il n'y ai pas le mode burst-ful, burst suvi du full en position full sur la réplique. on peux inverser la position semi/ful pratique en gaucher, c'est moins gênant quand on joue en semi....
Nikolay D.
Simple but effective
Simple but effective Simple and bulletproof operation. Very easy to setup, you don't need to mess with the dwell to make it work as it should. If the engine is perfectly aligned with the hopup it will shoot laser beams :)
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Switchboard and spacer kit for F1 / Jack / F2 Polarstar and Redline , suitable for Hk417 & Hk G28 aeg rifle

It is necessary to solder the wires onto the original trigger system, professionnal installation is highly recommanded

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Choose your Easyconnect version : Grip or plate connect, US or EU Version
If you are alredy equiped with an HPA hose and you don't know what is your connector version, please contact us for choosing the right one. If you have chosen a regulator pack with this option, don't worry we will choose the right one for you no problem.
This grip is suitable for M4 Aegs with HPA system fitted like Polarstar Fusion Engines and Wolverine Engines.It consists of a HPA connector sealed to the AEG grip that eliminates unsightly hose under the gun while facilitating the operations of connection and disconnection of the remote line.In order to install the grip, you have to cut the original hose to the required length, and a long nose pliers will be required if you want to unmount the hose from the Macroflex connector in case of subsequent disassembly.As a 1/8 npt thread is conical, The original grip delivered will be modified to let the 1/8 NPT male thread than can be screwed to the top.

Customers reviews

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This service include all the the following task done in our workshop.

- Unmount of the original airsoft gun

- modification (if needed) of the original gun to fit the new HPA system

- Installation of the HPA engine

- Modification of the original Nozzle -if needed- with our turning lathe based on the exact lenght of the gun original nozzle (0.01mm tolerance)

- Installation of the motor grip plate connect

- FCU optimal programmation with reverse selector set to get the correct configuration  SAFE - SEMI - AUTO fonctions

- Rework of the HK417 / G28 hop-up unit to get stable FPS, reliable performance and good seal.

- Installation of any precision inner barrel if added in your cart, we will re-cut it with turning lathe to fit perfectly if needed.

- Test of the regulator and the tank (if chosen)

- Firing tests (around 500-600 BBs) to check about the working and grouping.

- 1 year warranty

- Additionnal engravings if you need !

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Choose your regulator (include regulator and line)

Customers reviews

Question ^_^
Question ^_^ Hello l'équipe de power6 :)Voilà je possède un kac we PDW GBBR OPEN BOLT et j'aurais voulu s'avoir si c'était compatible avec le drum m4?? Je préfère être sur et posé la question :)Cordialement Guillaume
Message from moderation
C'est tout a fait compatible pas de soucis !

Choose your HPA tank

Tanks are delivered empty

Data sheet

PI approved regulatoryes
PI approved tankyes

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Choose the battery model for your FCU.

This option is only available in our packs and cannot be bought separately.

Data sheet

Battery ConnectorJST

Customers reviews

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