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P6 G&G GC16 BOT HPA Fusion Engine


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This set include G&G GC16 BOT tuned with HPA Polarstar Fusion Engine fitted. All unmounted AEG spare parts are delivered.

Your HPA Airsoft Gun will be delivered with the following features :

- Polarstar Fusion Engine fitted with all the internals modifications
- EasyConnect system fitted on the motor grip or rear sided : no more visible macroline hose, just click & go.
- Firing tests to control working, range and accuracy

Options :

- ICFU : Gun stop firing when magazine is empty, a must have ! requires special ICFU magazines
- Custom trigger with reduced stroke : for more comfort and responsiveness
- Poppet mod : we modify the poppet and transform the blue nozzle as a red one, it is lowering air consumption

Additionnal custom parts :

We can also configure and add special upgrade and accessories to your airsoft gun :
- Add RIS, GRIPS, silencers, etc .., we will mount it for you
- Add any type of parts such as rubber, hop-up unit, inner barrels (can be cutted to the exact length of the gun)
- Laser markings if you want ! on the body, dust cover or any aluminum/steel surface available, it is also free!
For this options or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 0033-534278810 or info@powair6.com


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Polarstar Fusion Engine v2 M4

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P6 HPA Workshop preparation

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Poppet Mod



The GC 300 BOT was inspired by the AAC 300 black-out. The idea behind this beautiful airsoft rifle is to create a rifle that can be used both outdoor field and indoor CQB. The CNC machined aluminum rail with hard anodized finish is stunning. Flip up metal sights, grooved pistol grip motor grip, and crane stock make anything possible with this airsoft rifle. OH and one more thing. G&G's redesigned 8mm gearbox.

Type- AEG
Length- 750 mm
Receiver- Metal
Bearing- 8mm
Weight- 2475g
Magazine- 450 rnds
Inner Barrel- 6.08mm/205mm

Fiche technique

Caliber6mm Airsoft
Firing modeSemi + Full automatic
MaterialFull metal
Main colorBlack
Inner barrel (mm)205mm
Magazine capacity450
Power sourceElectric
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)330fps

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Have you ever dreamed of Polarizing your MP5, G3 or SCAR? With the introduction of the GEN3, now you can! At first glance the GEN3 FE looks very much like the GEN2 and, for the most part, the two are quite similar. However, unlike its predecessor, the FE GEN3 is no longer just for the M4/M16 series rifle. We applied the same concept used with our Version 3 Fusion Engine™ so that it is now able to interface with the selector plate and related components of your existing AEG’s gearbox.

The FE GEN3 will come complete with a trigger and steel selector plate so that it can be installed into any airsoft gun which is Tokyo Marui compatible. However, by installing a different nozzle or rifle specific conversion kit, you will be able to expand the number of rifles it will be compatible with. In most cases all you’ll need to do is change out the trigger and selector components with ones from your AEG, install a different Fusion Engine™ nozzle, and the engine is ready to use in a completely different model of rifle.

The internal operation of the Fusion Engine cylinder assembly are exactly the same and share many of the same parts, so it offers the same stellar downrange performance and rock solid reliability as its predecessor. This GEN3 does however feature a new side plate design to accommodate the AEG selector plate and is equipped with a new electronic switchboard. One advantage to this new design is that the switchboard offers a wider contact point with the selector plate to allow for varying tolerances in the rifles selector assembly making for improved out-of-the-box compatibility with an increased number of rifle brands.

As requested by many of our fans, the FE GEN3 will come standard with our newly redesigned “Milsim Manifold”. This feature enables the user to install an optional 90 degree fitting inside of their engine allowing the air line to be routed to the rear of the engine and exit through the buffer tube sling plate on an M4 series rifle.

As with all of our engine models, you can quickly change and adjust key functions of the engine via the on-board FCU (Fire Control Unit) which is no bigger than an AEG`s MOSFET and can easily fit inside of a rifles battery compartment along with a small Li-po battery. Using the FCU`s five position joystick and LCD display you will be able to easily adjust such functions as the systems cyclic rate, fire modes and nozzle timing on the fly.

With the Fusion Engine™ in your rifle you will also be able to adjust its muzzle velocity via the remote air rig (sold separately). Adjusting the PSI output on your air rig will allow you to fine tune your rifles muzzle velocity so you will always be able to get it exactly where you want it. And then for larger velocity changes we offer a series of air nozzles with varying bore sizes to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down to best meet your requirements.

The best part is that our system is extremely user friendly. Even if you have only the basic understanding of an airsoft rifle, you will find that operating and manipulating this system is very simple and does not require a degree in airsoft engineering to figure out.

 Specifications :
Fire mode/s : Full Auto, Semi Auto, Variable Burst
FE Profile: M4
Included Selector Plate: M4/M16 Series
Cyclic Rate: 500 RPM to 1,800 RPM
Fire Modes: Semi / 2 to 9 Shot Burst, Semi / Full Auto, Semi Only
Power Source: HPA (High Pressure Air via remote air rig)
FCU Battery: 7.4v Lipo w/ JST Connector
FCU Voltage Input Range: 6.8v to 12v
Electronics: REV2
PSI Operating Range: 80 psi. to 120 psi.
Build Material: Aluminum

Please note that instaling a HPA drop in system is recommanded for skilled gunsmith only. The product comes as a spare part and does not come with installation manual. By purchasing an HPA system you take entire responsability of the assembly and upcoming results. For products delivered with a trigger board, contactors / switch are not guaranted by the manufacturer in case of break. We advice to take extreme care when installing the selector plate in order to not break the button. Regarding the trigger switch, it is recommended to block mecanicaly the trigger once the the trigger switch is activated to avoid excessive pressure on it.

Fiche technique

HPA SystemPolarstar Fusion Engine
Power sourceHPA
HPA Fitting type6mm hose
PackagingSingle Product

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Jorge S.
Kit Magnífico y fácil de instalar. La atención de Jerome es MAGNÍFICO! !!
Easy instalación .Todo bien montado y listo para disparar.Lo instale en una SALIENT ARMS Y esta PRECIOSA.
Choose your Easyconnect version : Grip or plate connect, US or EU Version
If you are alredy equiped with an HPA hose and you don't know what is your connector version, please contact us for choosing the right one. If you have chosen a regulator pack with this option, don't worry we will choose the right one for you no problem.
This grip is suitable for M4 Aegs with HPA system fitted like Polarstar Fusion Engines and Wolverine Engines.It consists of a HPA connector sealed to the AEG grip that eliminates unsightly hose under the gun while facilitating the operations of connection and disconnection of the remote line.In order to install the grip, you have to cut the original hose to the required length, and a long nose pliers will be required if you want to unmount the hose from the Macroflex connector in case of subsequent disassembly.As a 1/8 npt thread is conical, The original grip delivered will be modified to let the 1/8 NPT male thread than can be screwed to the top.

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claude p.
polarstar / krytac
bonjour, voici un site qui propose des produits de qualités avec un service commercial et après vente irréprochable. je conseille et positionne POWAIR6 comme le meilleur site d'Airsoft
steeve m.
Sr25 custom Punisher
Superbe réplique, custom de top qualité et l'équipe Powair6 toujours dispo et de bons conseils. (Sr25 et krytac custom by Powair6)
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Michal D.
excellent communication with staff
i was asking a lot of question via email, and they always replied fast and with good details. i can reccomend 100% . As for the items, the neoprene tank is a tight fit for 68ci/3000psi ninja tank. speed trigger is absolutely fantastic, altough the included spring is too light for my taste, i replaced it with a more stiff one. PTS EPG-C hpa grip fits perfectly on : E&C M4 SAI Salient Arms Keymod [EC-824] which is bodywise the same as M4 MOTS 14,5" MUR , (T12-14,5") which is bodywise the same as Specna Arms SA-V26

This service include all the the following task done in our workshop.

- Unmount of the original airsoft gun

- Modification (if needed) of the original gun to fit the new HPA system

- Modification (if needed) of the HPA nozzle to match perfectly with the original AEG nozzle outside length

- Installation of the HPA engine

- Installation of the motor grip plate connect (US or EU), if you don't purchase any regulator with the gun just let us know wich one you want. available on all models exept M249 A&K.

- FCU optimal programmation

- Unmount, cleanning & improvement of the hop-up unit

- Firing tests (around 500-600 BBs) to check about the working and grouping.

- Test of the regulator and the tank if purchased

- Additionnal engravings if you need !

- 1 year warranty

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claude p.
polarstar / krytac
bonjour, voici un site qui propose des produits de qualités avec un service commercial et après vente irréprochable. je conseille et positionne POWAIR6 comme le meilleur site d'Airsoft
steeve m.
Sr25 custom Punisher
Superbe réplique, custom de top qualité et l'équipe Powair6 toujours dispo et de bons conseils. (Sr25 et krytac custom by Powair6)
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This modification allow to reduce the Fusion engine air consumption

P6 poppet & nozzle mod include :

  • Original Poppet lowered air flow by 75%
  • Original Nozzle milled in red Nozzle (4mm aperture) with our turning lathe
  • 120 PSI is around 430FPS MAX

FPS may change with inner barrel lenght and inner diameter

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What is ICFU System ?

The ICFU System (Integrated Custom Firestop Upgrade) is a device which allows to stop firing when there is no BB left in the magazine. The ICFU system can be fitted on a M4, 416 or Scar-L airsoft gun equipped with a fusion engine (new feature) or drop-in HPA System type (exept N7 MILSIM) and requires specific 120 rounds magazines (originally PTS but modified).

Players buying a brand new complete HPA gun get 75% discount on the price, because the gun is already unmounted to install the HPA system and of course it is cheaper to make the mod rather than unmount & mount everything just for that. Only remain ICFU modification fees such as milling the gearbox shells, wiring, components and tests.

ATTENTION: Classic M4 AEG magazines will no longer be compatible when the system is fitted and could cause damage to the sysytem if inserted on the lower receiver.

Here is a Video Link showing ICFU in Action

Avis des clients

claude p.
polarstar / krytac
bonjour, voici un site qui propose des produits de qualités avec un service commercial et après vente irréprochable. je conseille et positionne POWAIR6 comme le meilleur site d'Airsoft