Tokyo Marui X P6 KSG Shotgun (HPA version)


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This KSG Shotgun has been tuned HPA by our Workshop. It comes with EU male connector and it is also delivered with a modified HPA gas tank that cannot be changed in Gas anymore. the HPA connector takes place at the bottom of the stock and doesn't bother to aim or to insert the shells.

This set include :

- Tokyo Marui KSG Shotgun tuned in HPA with EU connector

- Regulator (Optional, selectable)

- Tank (Optional, selectable)

We advice you to not overpass 110 PSI pressure inside your KSG.

Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun

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HPA tank

BalystiK coupleur EasyConnect (EU Version)

6,58 €

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BalystiK female / female Elbow for 6mm macroline

6,58 €

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6mm Macroline For HPA system (1 meter)

2,25 €

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P6 HPA conversion fees for TM KSG (EU version)

75,00 €

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Pump action shotguns, were invented in 1882, which made it possible to load the next shell into the chamber by moving the fore end back and forth in a pumping motion, which has become the foundation for the modern shotgun. Invented in the United States, the "KSG" is a pump-action type shotgun but it adopted the unusual bullpup style. Since the chamber is located in the back it makes the gun compact while keeping a relatively long barrel. To further its uniqueness the KSG features two tubular magazines under the barrel. Each tube holds up to a maximum of seven shells and can be fired one after another for all 14 of them. In addition, you can select which tube you would like to use whither it be left or right, this can be done by using the selector lever found at the ejection port.

Tokyo Marui are continuing with their shotgun trend that shoots between 3 to 6 BB's at a time (it's either 3 or 6, you can't choose anything in between). Going with tradition of it's older shotgun lines, this new KSG also has 3 inner barrels, each equipped with a fixed hop-up. Each shell has a capacity of 30 BBs, so you can keep shooting until the shell runs out of ammo before ejecting it. The gun holds two shells but can only load one shell at a time, and it only comes with 1 shell on purchase. Of course, additional shells are available for sale separately. The gas is stored in a removable gas cartridge stored in the stock of the gun, and additional gas tanks are also sold separately.

Picatinny rail interface are also available on the top and bottom of the gun that allows mounting foregrips, laser designators, flash lights, scopes and sling mounts etc according to user's preference. Flip up iron sights are available on the top rail. Cheek rest are available on both sides of the stock. Refillable gas tank is also accessible from the back of the stock once the butt plate has been removed.

This shotgun was featured in the movie John Wick.

Data sheet

Power sourceGas
Magazine Versionshell
Magazine capacity30
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)315fps

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Choose your regulator (include regulator and line)

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Question ^_^
Question ^_^ Hello l'équipe de power6 :)Voilà je possède un kac we PDW GBBR OPEN BOLT et j'aurais voulu s'avoir si c'était compatible avec le drum m4?? Je préfère être sur et posé la question :)Cordialement Guillaume
Message from moderation
C'est tout a fait compatible pas de soucis !

Choose your HPA tank

Tanks are delivered empty

Data sheet

PI approved regulatoryes
PI approved tankyes

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This fitting feature a male nipple with 1/8 NPT male thread with self sealing oring inside.

Fit all AEG motor grips with 1/8 npt female thread

Only compatible with EU remotes lines, not compatible with Redline / Ninja / US connectors.

Important note : the thread of 1/8 grips need to be reworked with 1/8 tap to screw the easyconnect completly, if you are not equiped with taps it is better to get directly a HPA grip already build in our worshop.

Data sheet

Airsoft HPA Fitting versionEU

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Magnus B.
It's so easy!
It's so easy! An HPA gun is way nicer when your hose isn't attached. This little thing is cheap and totally worth it. It makes it much faster and easier to connect, and it does not fly around, you always know where your hose is ;)

Macroline Female/ Female 6mm

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6mm outer diameter

lenght is 1 meter

Black color

Add 2 times to the cart for 2 meters lenght, Add 2 times to the cart for 2 meters lenght, and so on.

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Justas M.
Only for 270 psi.

This service include the modification & installation of HPA fitting on a TM KSG (EU version)

HPA conversion made in our Workshop

This product cannot be purchased separately, please contact us for any inquiries

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