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P6 Workshop Fusion Engine Nozzle M60 (selectable)

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P6 Workshop nozzle for Fusion Engine

  • Made of Carbon fiber and polymer
  • Weight is less than 3gr - 60% lighter than aluminum
  • The angle of the cone has been reworked to guarantee a perfect seal
  • No modification of FCU values ​​required
  • Can be used starting 60 PSI giving a wide range of FPS for each unit
  • Each nozzle have individual marking with the model version as well as the internal diameter. (ex: M4 35)
  • Compatibility: M60 A&K

You can choose the inner diameter of your nozzle according to the desired power range (table below). Values ​​are rounded to 5 FPS and may vary with the length and diameter of the barrel as well as the overall seal of the set up. Tests made the following parts:

  • PDI 6.05mm 375mm inner barrel
  • Maple Leaf macaron 60 rubber
  • 0.20gr ASG blaster Devil BB
  • hop-up set for a straight trajectory of the BB

We recommend to apply grease on the exterior gasket of the nozzle during installation as well as on the aluminium tube of the Fusion Engine. You can repeat the operation every 30,000 shots or every year. Use silicone based grease only. For those who want to play under 80 psi, take care to not fill your mid cap magazine more than 70-80% because the magazine spring pressure may affect the good working of the nozzle.

Data sheet

TypeMachine Gun
HPA SystemPolarstar Fusion Engine
Main colorBlack


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