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The Modify XTC G1 is fabricated with 50-year watchmaking expertise and technology to boost confidence in any airsoft AEG hobbyist knowing it will never disappoint on the field. The Modify Automatic Electric Gun Series XTC is all metallic body with upgraded internals. XTC G1 uses Enhanced Upgrade Gearbox Parts.

Guarantee & promise :

  • 100% Taiwan-made.
  • The best product backed by our reputation.
  • Modify-Tech AEGs and parts make for fun and profit.
  • AEGs featuring style, practicality, technology and craftsmanship

Laser markings :

The body comes without any marking, we can do laser markings :

  • Left side of the body
  • Please select options on the drop down menu
  • You can download PDF file on the "DOWNLOAD" Tab to check about engraving pictures.

Automatic Electric Gun Series XTC SPARE PARTS

Diagram Part #Item #Description
XTC-01,0365101600XTC Front & Rear Combat Sight Set - Black
XTC-02,1065101101Key Mod Rail 13.5"with Rear Base and Screws - Black
XTC-02,1065101108Key Mod Rail 9.3"with Rear Base and Screws - Black
XTC-0765101100XTC 14.5"Outer Barrel
XTC-0765101109XTC 10.3"Outer Barrel
XTC-0665101102Steel Crown Flash Hider CCW
XTC-0965101201XTC Aluminum Upper Receiver
XTC-1365101208XTC Charging Handle Set
XTC-16GB-05-60Improved 2-Ring Hop Up Bucking
XTC-16GB-05-63Flat Hop Up Bucking - for 0.25g or above heavy BBs
XTC-1765101800XTC Hop Up Chamber
XTC-1965101335XTC Ambidextrous Selector Lever Gear Set
XTC-20SP080TokyoMarui A.E.G. Irregular-Pitch Spring - S80+ (1 JOULE)
XTC-20S110TokyoMarui A.E.G. Irregular-Pitch Spring - S110+
XTC-2165101350Steel CQD M4 Sling Swivel
XTC-2265101412XTC Ball Bearing Spring Guide
XTC-2465101305Take Down Pin Set ( Rear)
XTC-25,2665101316XTC Ambidextrous 45 to 90 Degree Safety Selector
XTC-2765101333XTC Gear Box Locking Pin
XTC-2865101310XTC Bolt Catch
XTC-2965101311XTC Magazine Catch Set
XTC-3065101302Take Down Pin Set ( Front)
XTC-31,3265101320XTC Grip Set
 GB-20-01MPI 22T Torque Motor - Long Shaft (Neodymium Magnets)
XTC-34, 35, 3665101560XTC 190-Round Magazine for M16/M4 series - Black
XTC-3765101565Bhive 150-Round Tracer Magazine for M16/M4 series-Black
XTC-3865101500J-Mag (JET Magazine) 300-Round Tracer Magazine for M16/M4 series (for quick loading)
XTC-45,46,4765101457Fuse Set
XTC-4765101459Fuse 30A

Data sheet

Power sourceElectric
Firing modeSemi - Full auto
Thread typeAEG M4 only
Length804mm / 889mm
Main colorBlack
Attachment SystemKeymod
Outer Barrel lenght14.5 inch
Inner barrel (mm)363
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.10
Gearbox inserts8mm Bearings
Gear ratioTorque 18:1
Quick change springYes
MotorV2 Long Axis
Magazine VersionMid cap spring operated
Magazine capacity190
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)310




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From Ivan F | 2020-01-23 19:58:43

dia canon interne 6,10 mm ??????


yes, 6.10mm inner diameter barrel is included. regards

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