P6 Workshop VFC Leopard Carbine fixed stock RED custom AEG


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With many years of experience, our team now offers fully upgraded AEGs. The airsoft gun are unmounted, improved and reinforced, we change only the necessary by selecting reinforced parts that will give longevity and performance. Thanks to a precise timing of the gears, high performance mosfet and a strong full teeth piston it is possible to use 11.1V battery while being reliable for a very long time.

Original airsoft gun :

  • VFC Leopard Carbine red fixed stock AV1-M4_LOP_M-RD01-F

Added into the Gearbox :

  • CNC steel gearset (choose version on the list)
  • GATE TITAN Enhanced Mosfet (other otions available on the list)
  • Reinforced Tappet Plate
  • Stainless steel shim set
  • Full metal 14 teeth piston
  • P6 Workshop custom internal parts for AOE
  • CNC aluminum Oring M4 Nozzle
  • CNC aluminum piston head with bearing
  • CNC aluminum double oring cylinder head

Added on the hop-up unit :

  • Maple Leaf Macaron hop-up rubber (model will be chosen following the power asked)
  • Maple Leaf tensioner

Workshop preparation :

  • Open the gearbox, take off everything inside, cleaning & degreasing shells
  • Adjusting the new CNC gears with inox shims only, one by one (spring timing or other original shims are deleted)
  • Short stroke of the piston and sector gear (for speed version only)
  • Angle of engagement optimisation (AOE) for piston and cylinder bumper
  • Installation of the new mosfet with programming (possible milling of the original gearbox)
  • Short trigger system modification will be fitted for maximum responsiveness
  • Greasing mecanic & pneumatic parts
  • Installation of hop-up & tensioner, firing tests
Firing mode :
  • You can choose firing mode in the drop down menu
  • "F" Laser marking available for Semi Automatic only
Power :
  • You can choose power in FPS 0.20gr BB in the drop down menu
  • Please note : FPS may vary, we cannot gurantee exact FPS asked, it will be a range. thanks.

Battery connector :

  • You can choose gun battery connector in the drop down menu
  • We recommend T-DEAN for high conductivity

Important note :

  • 12 month warranty by P6 Workshop
  • Time to build 1-4 days before shipping
  • We recommend 11.1v lipo battery adviced in "accessories" section
  • We strongly advice you to use high performance mid-cap spring operated magazine such as PTS EPM ou HEXMAG
  • Don't feed your mid cap magazine more than 80% of the maximal capacity
  • We strongly advice you to use high performance BBs such as BLS, Krytac, Madbull ASG blaster Devil or open Blaster.
  • Never use grease or any silicone on the electric gun, magazine or BBs

Data sheet

Power sourceElectric
Firing modeSelectable
Thread type14mm counterclockwise (CCW)
Gearbox inserts8mm Bearings
Gear ratioSelectable
Quick change springYes
Integrated MosfetSelectable
Trigger SystemElectronic
MotorV2 Long Axis
Magazine VersionMid cap spring operated
Magazine capacity120
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorSelectable
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)Selectable



Here is a sum-up list of the different mosfet availbable for this airsoft gun :

Titan Basic :

The best for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. TITAN has no less than eight Optical sensors! Economic version with limited number of functions.

Titan Advanced set :

TITAN V2 Advanced Set is an AEG Control System for V2 gearboxes which will transform your airsoft gun into an advanced training weapon. Adjust your AEG and check the Statistics using USB-Link and GATE Control Station app for PC and Android devices. TITAN V2 enables you to adjust the trigger sensitivity with military precision. The innovative proximity trigger sensor offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and many other useful functions.

Leviathan V2 :

Leviathan - V2 is processor controlled mosfet with Bluetooth communication. It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics... Everything is controlled via application in the smart phone (iOS and Android). Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 2 instead of the original trigger contacts. Comes with completely made wires to stock with 30A mini fuse and deanT connector - no soldering needed.

ASCU Gen5 :

ASCU is a two-piece electronic module (consisting of a command unit and a sensor unit), which, once installed in airsoft replicas, significantly improves their operation. A traditional connector circuit was replaced with a sensor unit that monitors the current location of the sector gear, fire mode selector and trigger. Collected information is transmitted to the command unit - where the software in the CPU analyzes them and controls the motor of the replica via the active MOSFET brake. It improves gearbox V.2 operation and causes the replica to match the most expensive and complicated PTW replicas. It oversees the replica's operation no matter the speed with which the trigger was squeezed and it is responsible for completing a full cycle of the piston's operation, both in semi-auto and full-auto modes. After each shot, the piston stops in its starting position.

Brushless ICFU :

"Brushless ICFU" is a workshop preparation made on an M4 AEG in order to improve reliability, high response cycle and make the gun stops firing when the magazine is empty. This is currently one of the most avanced upgrade available for M4 AEG. ICFU : Our workshop has developed the technology in 2018 for HPA and we have now transposed it for M4 AEGs replicas after months of testing. The ICFU has the function to stop firing instantly when there are no more BBs in the magazine, like a PTW or an ASG Scorpion. The replica works with ICFU PMAG magazine with 120 or 30 rounds capacity (adjustable with a button). Note that there is no bolt stop release to press in order to reactivate the gun, simply change the empty mag for a full one and you are ready to shoot again. Upgrade comes with one ICFU Pmag magazine. Upgrade will come with 18:1 gear ratio or more following the power you ask.

Link for ICFU extra mags in black color

Link for ICFU extra mags in tan color


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