APS Complete V3 AK Silver Edge Gearbox Rear Wiring


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Features of V3 hybrid Gearbox:

* quick change spring system
* spring 110 m/s (370 fps)
* polished and buffed surface skeleton of gearbox with corrosion protection
* steel gears
* 8mm steel ball-bearing
* bearing directional piston head
* cylinder type 1 with hole
* sealed aluminum nozzle
* bearing spring guide has 4 locking legs instead of 2 which extra secure spring while shooting
* electric blow-back
* complete wiring and a trigger
Rear wiring

Silver Edge Gear Box

In 2014, APS bought to you an ultimate product called Silver Edge Gear Box. An unique technology is being used to polish and buff the surface of the gear box, which leads to an extreme smoother and brighter finish. This kind of finishing remove burrs and other surface flaws. Less friction of the gear box parts will result in lower ampere. With the help of full bearing parts installed, Silver Edge Gear Box successfully lower the ampere by 0.8A, which extends the life of Gear Box and improve Gear Box performance.

Key Features of Silver Edge Gear Box:

1) Quick Change Spring System

2) Polished and Buffed surface improves smoothness

3) 8mm Bearing Bushings, Bearing Piston Head and Bearing Spring Guide used

4) Aftermarket compatible for Airsoft Guns with similar Blow Back System, It might not fit non blow back AEG or modification might needs

5) Prevent Corrosion

6) Available in No.2 and No.3 Gear Box

7) The Quick Change Spring Guide has 4 locking legs instead of 2 which is different from the existing spring guide found in the market which further secure the spring while shooting

Data sheet

Gear ratio18:1 Torque
Quick change springYes
Integrated MosfetNo
Trigger SystemMecanic Switch



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