Avis clients

Jeremy R.
Top qualité !
Super graisse , convient parfaitement à mes utilisations
Sergeis B.
здравствуйте входит ли в комплект 3 дополнительные планки.немогли бы вы прислать фото упаковки и что туда входит
Jonathan R.
Très bon adaptateur, mais besoin de téflon
Retour d'expérience après ma première partie avec, aucun soucis avec, attention à ceux qui ont des chargeurs...
Diego G.
A bit overpriced, a bit of an overkill, but FUN!
Sturdy built besides being a perfect fit on the G19, G19X and the Glock 45 you can adapt it to any other Glock (G17,...
Mickaël S.
Excellent chargeur pour ARP9
Leonardo B.
Exactly what I expected
I ordered the product, it arrived within 3 days, no issues whatsoever.
Bertrand V.
Peu bruyant
Font un son bien plus doux (mécanique)que les dents droite . Je les utilises avec un moteur 45k warhead et un m110...
Bertrand V.
Pas chère
Produit pas chère finition en raccord avec le prix, j ai du la retailler un peu pour la rentrée dans mon boîtier...

Since July 1, 2021, new rules govern VAT for the trade of goods sold to individuals between the member states of the European Union. Changes to these rules are introduced by article 147 of the finance law for 2020 and article 51 of the finance law for 2021. These articles transpose European directives no. 2017/2455 and no. 2019/1995, as well as Implementing Regulation No. 2019/2026. Powair6 applies these rules regarding distance sales.

For orders delivered outside the borders of the European Union

  •      Outside the borders of the European Union, sales are shipped tax-free to the destination countries
  •      Some customs duties and VAT may apply and paid by the buyer upon receipt in their country

For orders delivered to United Kingdom

  •      For orders where the value of the goods is less than £135, 20% VAT is paid directly at the time of purchase, this VAT is then repaid to the United Kingdom
  •      For all orders over £135, sales are exclusive of tax, some customs duties and VAT may apply and paid by the buyer upon receipt in their country
  •      For Northern Ireland, 20% VAT is charged at the time of purchase and remitted to Northern Ireland
  •      Our UK VAT ID is GB376570466

 For customers in European countries

the VAT applicable on orders must be paid in the Member State where the goods are delivered, sales are therefore taxed in the Member State of arrival, at the rates and conditions specific to the regulations of this State. For example If you order to be delivered to Italy, the VAT rate applied to your order will be 22%, if you order to be delivered to Austria, the VAT rate applied to your order will be 20%. List of VAT rates applicable for each country:

  •      Belgium 21%
  •      Bulgaria 20%
  •      Czech Republic 21%
  •      Denmark 25%
  •      Germany 19%
  •      Estonia 20%
  •      Greece 23%
  •      Spain 21%
  •      France 20%
  •      Croatia 25%
  •      Ireland 23%
  •      Italy 22%
  •      Cyprus 19%
  •      Latvia 21%
  •      Lithuania 21%
  •      Luxembourg 17%
  •      Hungary 27%
  •      Malta 18%
  •      Netherlands 21%
  •      Austria 20%
  •      Poland 23%
  •      Portugal 23%
  •      Romania 19%
  •      Slovenia 22%
  •      Slovakia 20%
  •      Finland 24%
  •      Sweden 25%

Powair6 reverse the collected VAT to each European country.

How is this VAT applied to the prices you consult ?

When you are not connected to your customer account: Our system geolocates your IP to apply the VAT rate on the prices you consult. If you use a VPN or an IP outside your country of origin it is possible that the prices consulted have an incorrect VAT rate. When you are connected to your customer account the delivery address overides IP detection and automatically determines the VAT rate applicable in your country.

For any questions relating to the application of VAT rates, you can write to the attention of Jérôme at