Avis clients

Jaco Q.
Réplique pas mal, acheté principalement comme Back-Up, uniquement un peu faible en sortie de boite et le garde main...
antonio c.
Arcturus NEODYMIUM short motor 21TPA / 25k
magnifique réplique plus réactive avec des engrenages SHS de 12:1. super produits. merci.
Aris F.
With simply words it’s amazing and you are amazing!!!!! I think one of the best shops in Europe with high standards...
Ouaeb R.
Valves hpa marui
Attention ne se montent pas sur les chargeurs gbbr marui m4 mws. Mais nickel sur les chargeurs glock de la marque .
Olli A.
There was some problem with the pcb, and mosfet didnt work correctly. Resoldering fixed the problem
Olli A.
Gearbox was thicker than normal v3 gearbox, motor cage needed some filing to fit correctly
Viktor S.
This is not like the pictures
This replica is not like the pictures. The fire selector is different
Team P6
Hello, we are sorry for the issue, most of manufacturer are changing some products details without warning us. You...

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    The ICFU System (Integrated Custom Firestop Upgrade) is a device which allows to stop firing when there is no BB left in the magazine. The ICFU system can be fitted on some custom  M4, 416 or Scar-L airsoft gun and requires specific 120 rounds magazines that can be tuned to 30 rounds (originally PTS but modified). for more info please contact us