PDI Raven 6.01mm Inner Barrel for AEG 554mm - View larger

PDI Raven 6.01mm Inner Barrel for AEG 554mm


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The CS barrel is a cheaper version of our high end SUS barrels. it Has an inner diameter of 6.01mm+ that give high FPS. The tolerance of the inner diameter has been changed from 0.002mm to 0.007mm compared to the SUS barrel barrel, achieving a lower price. With regards to other dimension tolerances, the CS barrel is of the same high quality as the SUS barrel. Due to the material properties, there are cases which fine wrinkles appear inside, but we have performed test and confirmed that it does not affect the performance. In rare cases, a thin striped pattern can be seen on the inner surface, but this does not affect performance and can be washed off.

■Outer diameter: 8.55mm

■Inner diameter: 6.01mm+

■Tolerance: ±0.007mm

■Material: STKM-12C-EC

Data sheet

Caliber6mm Airsoft
MaterialAlloy steel
Inner barrel (mm)554
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.01


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