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PDI Silicium chrome steel spring for AEG - 190%


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The PDI springs are all "perfect" variable pitch, providing light compression and quick return. Some springs use a different "variable pitch", but this is simply a matter of connecting the different pitches. These are difficult to compress and do not give the desired power. PDI uses chrome-silicon steel to make the springs. In addition, they can finely adjust the pitch using this steel, in order to be able to offer different power levels. PDI springs do not shrink! Typically the spring will shrink by 15mm to 20mm. We can control less than 13mm to 5mm.

Spring versionPower in jouleVelocity in FPS @0.2g BB
            90%            0.7                       280
            100%            0.8                       300
            130%            1                       330
            150%            1.2                       360
            170%            1.4                       380
            190%            1.5                       400
            210%            1.7                       430
            260%            2                       470
            280%            2.2                       490
            300%            2.4                       500

Values are approximate and the actual muzzle velocity achieved will vary depending on what parts are installed.


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