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Maple Leaf AUTOBOT Silicone Hop Bucking for GBB - 50 Degree


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A hop up is used in the majority of airsoft guns in the market today and can determinehow accurate and strong the projectile ejects out. The all new Maple Leaf AUTOBOT Silicone hop up which features a high quality pressure seal reducing power loss and stabilizing the BB trajectory.Silicone design provides better cold resistance. They heat up faster even at low temperatures or during intensive use with a GBB.

Difference between AUTOBOT & DECEPTICON is the bucking form (triangular for Decepticon, triangular with end in "W" for Autobot)

Maple Leaf are a well known brand from Taiwan for making quality upgrade parts for airsoft guns. Designed specially for WE , Tokyo Marui and KJ Works GBB airsoft guns, please refrain from installing it onto none compatible platforms.

  • Heats faster than a conventional gasket
  • Excellent even in cold weather
  • Large contact surface allowing better control over the ball
  • Double support in the shape of a triangle for more hop up effect

Suitable for WE / Tokyo Marui / KJ Works GBB

  • 50 degree : 280 FPS or below
  • 60 degree: 280 FPS 330
  • 70 degree: 330-429 FPS
  • 80 degree: 429-528 FPS
  • 85 degree: 528 FPS or up
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Hardness degree50


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