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Jason S.
Super fast delivery to UK
Next day delivery to UK- good communication and good pricing. Package did sit in customs for two days and was pulled...
Giannis m.
What can i say you guys rock!perfect in any way!great packing,shipped fast and the products are great for my...
Petros A.
Yehonatan N.
Better than i dreamed :)
High Quality, works flawlessly, high poser
Rubén B.
I am from Spain and they arrived in 2 days. Perfect package! I am definetly buying again here! Thank you so much !
enzo B.
Fait parfaitement son travail
C'est le produit adéquate quand on a perdu le premier, j'en ai prit plusieurs et ils sont tous parfait....
Jean-François J.
délais de traitement rapide et amabilité du personnel
Luis Sergio J.
This is probably the best store online...their customer service has no equal in the least thats my...

Product list from GATE

The GATE mission statement:  ‘To give every airsoft player a more exciting experience and to provide them with access to the most up-to-date technology for their airsoft games’ is well taken to heart by the company’ staff. Every product at GATE goes through advanced technology process. Prototypes are designed using modern software and sophisticated hardware. We rely on reliability and miniaturization.

Beginning in 2014, each product, prior to its introduction to the market, is tested by 50 independent beta-testers. Thanks to our long-term research, meticulous tests and our experience, our products are reliable and can operate under most harsh conditions. All products comply with ROHS 2 and meet CE standards. Electronic circuits are being made using modern technologies. SMD 0603 components and 8 mils traces are our standard. High-density multi-layer PCBs allow large scale miniaturization. In high power circuits, we use most powerful transistors available on market: HEXFET Power MOSFETs International Rectifier, NXP N-channel logic level MOSFET in LFPAK using NextPower technology, Vishay P-channel MOSFET in PowerPAK SO-8 using TrenchFET technology. Because of an optimised output capacitance, body diode and channel structure, MOSFETs exhibit “soft-recovery” switching behaviour, resulting in lower voltage spikes, faster decays and virtually no gate glitches. Moreover, increasing switching frequency from 300KHz to 1MHz allows a 70 - 80% reduction in inductor size. MOSFETs' excellent switching performance enables such design choices with minimal loss of efficiency.

For eight years, our company has been designing and producing the most innovative AEG Control Systems and MOSFETs. We have premises located in Cracow, Poland. Our products successfully entered global markets and are being sold in more than 20 countries.  Why should you choose GATE while upgrading your gun? Thanks to our products, your skirmish becomes a more exciting experience. The variety of functions and protections our Controllers and MOSFETs give to your gun is enormous.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 items