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CNC receiver (body) type C is inspired by real firearm AR15 (M4). This CNC receiver is manufactured from solid block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) EN AW 7075 T651, which has better strength (590mPa), than common construction steel (390MPa). Thanks to the used material, this receiver has much higher durability than common casted zinc-aluminum alloy receiver. Manufacturing one of those CNC receivers requires a lot of time and material. CNC receivers have much more material on every part for best strength and resilience. Because of used material EN AW 7075 T651, our CNC receiver is very lightweight and resilient from braking. Because of reinforced parts on our receivers, uppers and lowers from other manufacturers are not interchangeable.

Upper part has milled RIS rail MIL-STD-1913. Charging handle can be used from original replica, or replaced by fixed charging handle, which loses the effect of realism, but cannot be lost or be hanging on charging spring, you can also use our custom charging handle from our store. Shell deflector and forward assist pin is milled together with Upper from one block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) EN AW 7075 T651. Upper has also dust cover mounted on spring, which is in standard close-mounted, but it can be easily opened and you can reach easily to the Hop Up Chamber. Handguard thread is made by Tokyo Marui standards and there should not be a problem with installing any other ones. Outer barrels can be used from our own offer, or from any other original replica, manufactured by Tokyo Marui standard.

Lower part is also milled from one solid block of aircraft aluminum (Dural) EN AW 7075 T651 and it is significantly reinforced, for best resilience and protection from braking. We recommend installing our CNC Split Gearbox with integrated Hop Up Chamber or CNC Gearbox V2 into this lower. We can‘t guarantee that gearboxes made by other manufacturers would work properly. For removing „metal“ noises during fire, we recommend install included rubber pads to the pre-milled slots, where they support gearbox and metal resonation will be removed. We enhanced space in lower part for wiring, which leads into the handguard. Lower and Upper is connected by special wedge pins, which pushes against each other and both receiver parts are pushed together. This removes all will in the receiver and all gaps, like we know from alloy casted receivers. Thanks to the all of this and high quality material of EN AW 7075 T651 and also high quality manufacturing process, both of these receiver parts are perfectly sealed. Wedge pins are fixed by screw, so with more screwing, there is more force on pins. There is no need of using brute force (more information below). Center pin is also secured by screw, so it will also not drop out. Stock is installed by special adaptor, which can be replaced with any other adaptor types for example: QD with strap mount. You can install any standard AR15 (M4) stocks on our adaptors. Any AR15 (M4) Handgrip can be used as well, if it is manufactured by Tokyo Marui standards.

All receiver accessories like forward assist pin, magazine catch, bolt catch, fire selector cover, fire selector can be changed with any other standard parts from original replicas, or you can use CNC ones from our offer. We recommend installation of our CNC Fire Selector, because it has precise selection, smooth move and works perfectly in any fire modes.

This CNC Receiver is sanded with synthetic corund and protected by anodizing. The EN AW 7075 T651 material is very hard to anodize due its high strength and hardness, common anodizing process can’t reach depth of the surface. If we don’t anodize products manufactured from EN AW 7075 T651 Aluminum (Dural), there would be a huge risk of corrosion (big gray spots with rotten look). Thanks to a sanding process the surface is matte without bright.

Package includes: CNC Lower, CNC Upper, CNC Wedge Pins, CNC Stock Adaptor, CNC Center Pin, CNC Forward Assist Pin, Dust Cover, Set of screws, Flexible Pin, Dust Cover Pin, Forward Assist spring, Dust Cover spring, Rubber pads for gearbox. 

CNC receiver can be installed as a replacement for original alloy casted receiver in Tokyo Marui standard. During installation of the gearbox don’t use rude force. Use only 1Nm tightening moment on screws, otherwise the screws will overturn in heads. There is no need of tightening screws with rude force, if you want to be sure that screws will sit perfectly, use thread glue or thread color.

Installation of CNC receiver and gearbox requires professional knowledge, experience and skills. There are a lot of airsoft manufacturers on the market and every one of them create their own sizes, there are no standards like engineering ISO in airsoft. This is the main problem with a lot of inner and outer parts from different manufacturers which can be same product, but with different dimensions. We recommend using only parts from manufacturers with Tokyo Marui compatible parts, where should not be a problem with compatibility with our CNC receiver.

Data sheet

Main colorBlack
Thread typeAEG M4 only
Attachment SystemPicatinny rail


Questions  (4)

A partir de cédric | 2023-01-19 20:54:48

Bonjour, ce produit serait il compatible pour une hk416D de chez vfc ?


oui l'ensemble sera compatible.

A partir de Julien B | 2021-01-19 21:14:51

Bonjour, bonsoir ! Le corp serait il compatible avec les gearbox VFC(vr16) ? Merci d’avance !


Bonjour , oui il est compatible .


A partir de jean-luc c | 2021-01-17 14:36:15

Est-ce que ce corp est compatible avec une gearbox V2 split de retro arms avec cablage arriere ?
Merci d'avance


Bonjour , oui il est compatible .


A partir de Leo S | 2020-12-17 01:48:58

Bonjour, compatible fear box v2 ultimate sans aucune modification ? Si c’est le cas je commande direct : )

De plus, qyel outer barrel est compatible avec ce corps ?


Bonjour , nous n'avons pas de Gearbox Ultimate pour vous confirmer la parfaite compatibilité , ce type de corps accepte n'importe quel type d'outer barrel aeg m4 sauf G&P taper.


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