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“It has EVOlved – our classic AEG is back, but now with an extra sting in the tail”

Garnering plenty of critical acclaim and establishing a growing and committed fanbase over the years, ASG has continued to develop and refine the CZ Scorpion EVO AEG platform since its initial launch in 2014. Now the EVO has ‘levelled-up’ once again, this time in the form of the brand-new BOOST edition –bringing to the party upgrades which ensure that straight out of the box, this AEG is ready to take-on all comers on the battlefield better than its predecessors.

What does the Boost Edition give you when compared with previous versions of the EVO ?

Well, a closer look at the inside of the BOOST EVO reveals it’s blessed with several parts from our high-quality ‘ULTIMATE’ upgrade range, in the key areas that matter most. With a Leviathan ECU onboard, the EVO Boost grants a sharper trigger-response and programmable fire modes. While the Leviathan app installed on your smartphone, allows you to further fine tune the rate of fire, enable pre-cocking, active braking and more. Such as the CNC-engineered, high-performance ULTIMATE BOOST 30k short axle motor for higher rpm, and the ULTIMATE BOOST 16,5:1 gearset that allows super-smooth and reliable power transfer without breaking, thanks to the gearset’s higher tolerances over standard options. While the presence of an Anti-Reversal Latch in the CNC gearbox allows pre-cocking and adds that extra peace of mind that, even though the advanced electronics of the EVO BOOST mean precise motor control, the AEG is safeguarded from potential damage when used at the higher end of performance.

Features of the EVO BOOST Edition :

  • Ultimate Boost 30k Short axle motor 
  • Ultimate Boost 16,5:1 gearset 
  • Leviathan ECU
  • Programmable fire mode
  • Anti-Reversal Latch
  • Ultimate M115 Spring
  • 8mm Bearing Spring Guide

Real Steel History :

For all intents and purposes, the origins of the Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) real-steel Scorpion EVO 3 9mm submachine gun began back in 2002, when the prototype Laugo SMG (the weapon that inspired the EVO) was first developed. Developing into what would become the third-generation Scorpion EVO, it was first unveiled to an expectant industry in 2009. Due to its compact SMG configuration and folding stock, the lightweight EVO is renowned for its performance and versatility in confined spaces. Ensuring this lethal, Czech-built SMG would become a favourite among law enforcement agencies across the world – including Canada, Argentina, and Turkey to name just a few.

Data sheet

Caliber6mm Airsoft
Length425mm / 623mm
Main colorBlack
Firing modeSemi + Burst + Auto
Attachment SystemPicatinny rail
Power sourceElectric
Outer Barrel lenght208mm
Inner barrel (mm)208
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.05
Gear ratio16:1 Speed
Quick change spring GearboxYes
Integrated MosfetLeviathan
Trigger SystemElectronic
Magazine VersionMid-cap Spring operated
Magazine capacity75
BatteryNot Included
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorDEAN (T-Plug)
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)390


Airsoft gun Law

This airsoft replica is subject to the french Decree No. 99-240 of March 24, 1999, which regulates the law of replica firearms developing an output energy from the muzzle greater than 0.08 joule and equal to or less than 2 joules. This product is intended for recreational use only. By adding this product to your cart, you acknowledge:

  • Being older than 18
  • Master the basic safety rules concerning the use of this type of replica (wearing protective glasses, playing in a suitable and private place, etc.).
  • Never expose the replica in a public place because it can be mistaken for a real weapon with all the disastrous consequences that this implies
  • Being in full knowledge of the airsoft laws in your local country and buying knowingly, Powair6 cannot be responsible in the case of illegal importation.
  • Never point or shoot at a person, animal or any other object representing any danger.
  • Do not aim with your replica until you are ready to shoot at the target you have selected.
  • Do not shoot on a hard surface, risk of the ball bouncing, or in water, which could cause dangerous ricochets.
  • Do not aim the shot at the eyes or ears.
  • Do not use airsoft without wearing goggles or a protective mask.
  • Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the product in order to increase its firing power. It can be dangerous and will void the warranty.
  • Always be sure to keep the safety “ON” when you are no longer using the product.
  • Never look into the barrel, a BB may be hurt your eyes.

Questions  (2)

A partir de Tom | 2023-08-14 09:11:22

Bonjour à vous
cette réplique est-elle bien fourni avec un chargeur mid-cap 75 billes et une batterie?


bonjour, elle est bien fourni avec un chargeur mid-cap 75 bbs , en revanche la batterie n'est pas fournie.
nous vous conseillons c'ette batterie .
REF: 639055

A partir de prescillia | 2023-06-01 11:21:24

bonjours , j'aurais une question pour mettre un silencieux faut t'il acheter l'adaptateur ou c'est déja en 14 ? merci


Bonjour , il vous faut un adaptateur pour pouvoir ensuite y mettre un silencieux en 14mm CCW .


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