G&G Armament 0.20g tracer green BB 1000rds White - View larger

G&G Armament 0.20g tracer green BB 1000rds White


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Shoot the best. G&G has the highest quality BB's due to their relentless testing and development to bring you other best. BB pellets manufactured by G&G Armament are high precision products, unlike other manufacturers in the market accepting tolerance of size and sphere within 0.01mm, G&G Armament control the tolerance within 0.005mm, which is the most precise BB pellets in the market. Perfect surface and precise size for incredible air-seal and feeding. G&G Armament's BB pellets are well known for the best choice for high precision barrels and jam free BB pellets. Made in Taiwan and G&G Armament represents high quality BB pellets.

Data sheet

MatièreTracer BIO Green
Main colorWhite
Weight0.20 gr
Quantity (+/-)1000

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