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The Colt M4A1 carbine is a classic assault rifle used by the Americans back in 1994 which is renowned for its reliability and performance. It has a very distinctive look to it and you will instantly recognize it by its cold black receiver, picatinny rail at the top and the classic Colt marking of the horse stamped onto the receiver. The only difference between the M4A1 and M4 is that its trigger unit of M4A1 is modified to fire full-auto instead of the three shots bursts in M4.

This authentic GBBR is OEM-ed by VFC, which is known for their realistic, high performance, and for this M4A1 they have accurately depicted the fine detail and craftsmanship of the real Colt MA1 firearms receiver. The stunning and fine details of the M4A1 really sets this apart from your average rifle with its realistic feel. This M4A1 is made not only to look and feel amazing, but also to perform right out of the box. The VFC gas blowback system is redesigned in 2016, blowback is stronger than ever, heavy and solid kick back gives you impressive shooting experience, fps can be adjusted very easily

Just like other M4 systems out on the market it can be fully customized. It features an adjustable hopup which provides superb accuracy, full metal receiver, SOPMOD buttstock, two piece outer barrel and can be field stripped like he real M4A1 carbine. Lets not forget how hard this beast kicks which gives it a whole new experience in airsoft, be sure to stock up on extra magazines!


  • Metal Receiver
  • Licensed with Colt markings
  • Two piece outer barrel
  • SOPMOD Buttstock
  • 30rd Magazine
  • Pictinny Rail
  • High quality aluminum upper & lower receiver set
  • Durable anodized finish
  • 1:1 Scale of real M4A1
  • Removable rear iron sights
  • Full length top Picatinny rail
  • Realistic take down
  • Adjustable length of pull stock with slip resistant rubber butt pad
  • QD sling attachment point

    Item included:
  • 1x Cybergun Colt M4A1 RIS GBBR
  • 1x BB Loader
  • 1x Cleaning rod
  • 1x Manual

Data sheet

Caliber6mm Airsoft
Length785mm / 866mm
Main colorBlack
StyleCrane Stock
Thread type14mm CCW
Firing modeSemi + Full automatic
Attachment SystemPicatinny rail
Power sourceGas
Outer Barrel lenght14.5 inch
Inner barrel (mm)363
Inner Barrel dia (mm)6.03
Magazine capacity35
Power (FPS @ 0.20gr)390


Gas replica power

The power of gas replicas is a point of reference only, it does not constitute a guarantee of results but an estimation made by the manufacturer. Please take this information into account before purchasing, no warranty service regarding the power can be applied. The power advertised for gas replicas can be highly variable because the cooling of the tank linked to rapid fire, pressure / type of gas used and winter conditions, it is possible to empty all the gas quickly from a magazine, and if there is not enough time given to convert the liquid part into gas, the liquid form then rises through the nozzle as a white cloud. Be sure to use your equipment on suitable climatic conditions and adapt your rate of fire to the ambient temperature to avoid that effect. We recommend that you always choose the manufacturer's brand spare magazines. Choosing a different brand may generate a different power from the original as the percussion valve and magazine lips are not the same.

Airsoft gun Law

This airsoft replica is subject to the french Decree No. 99-240 of March 24, 1999, which regulates the law of replica firearms developing an output energy from the muzzle greater than 0.08 joule and equal to or less than 2 joules. This product is intended for recreational use only. By adding this product to your cart, you acknowledge:

  • Being older than 18
  • Master the basic safety rules concerning the use of this type of replica (wearing protective glasses, playing in a suitable and private place, etc.).
  • Never expose the replica in a public place because it can be mistaken for a real weapon with all the disastrous consequences that this implies
  • Being in full knowledge of the airsoft laws in your local country and buying knowingly, Powair6 cannot be responsible in the case of illegal importation.
  • Never point or shoot at a person, animal or any other object representing any danger.
  • Do not aim with your replica until you are ready to shoot at the target you have selected.
  • Do not shoot on a hard surface, risk of the ball bouncing, or in water, which could cause dangerous ricochets.
  • Do not aim the shot at the eyes or ears.
  • Do not use airsoft without wearing goggles or a protective mask.
  • Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the product in order to increase its firing power. It can be dangerous and will void the warranty.
  • Always be sure to keep the safety “ON” when you are no longer using the product.
  • Never look into the barrel, a BB may be hurt your eyes.

Questions  (3)

A partir de Loïc | 2021-09-24 14:53:23

Compatible avec le drum mag AW custom?


Hello, not compatible. AW custom drum mag is for WE system only, this one is build by VFC. Regards

A partir de Bunyamin | 2021-08-09 06:40:15


Cette réplique est une version 2012 ?



En l'absence de critères vérifiables sur une éventuelle différenciation de version, je ne peux vous répondre. Les répliques que nous recevons de Cybergun sont toujours les dernières versions produites. Cordialement

A partir de Antoine D | 2020-09-02 10:22:25


Est-ce que ce modèle dispose des mêmes performances que les autres modèles VFC GBBR, et dispose t-il du NPAS intégré comme le 416 A5 et les VR16 ? Leurs MK18 Sont-ils bons et diposent t-ils du NPAS ? Me conseillez vous ce modèle ?

Bien cordialement,

Anntoine Dutheil


LE NPAS est intégré dans le nozzle, et le hop se régle via molette en enlevant la partie basse du RIS. Cdt

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