WE gaz Magazine for SCAR M4 WE GBBR (black)


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With a capacity of 30 6mm BBs, these magazines are true real cap gas magazines to go with the more realistic versions of WEs open bolt M4s and SCARs. Being mostly composed of metal (as is typical of gas magazines) they are tough and sturdy besides also having a good weight to them which adds some realism. These magazines are available in both black and tan finishes to match both those black GBB rifles as well as the tan ones like the SCAR.

Suitable for Scar / M4 / M16 / 4168 / Kac PDW / L85 WE Open Bolt only

Data sheet

Main colorGrey
Power sourceGas
Magazine capacity30

Magazine advice

Despite everything you can read on the internet and on on the manufacturer's manual, we recommend that you never introduce silicone or grease into airsoft magazines. Greasing has a devastating effect on a replica since it will directly grease the hop-up rubber and inner barrel, resulting in a loss of precision and even more accentuated dust fixing. Never introduce chemical products such as grease, silicone spray or any other kind into the magazine, the hop-up unit, the BBs, the internal parts of the AEGs. The silicone is only used on pneumatic parts such as a gearbox cylinder or a moving O-ring. Special recommandation regarding Mid-cap Magazine :

  • Limit the number of bbs by 70-80% of the mid-cap capacity, never force the introduction of the BBs with a BB loader.
  • Too many BBs can slow down the operation of the nozzle and that can have repercussions on the trajectory of the bbs and the feed.
  • If you want to keep your magazine for many years, it is also imperative for not working the spring to the maximum of its capabilities.
  • Never store your magazine filled for a long period of use, the spring loaded for a long time may be irreparably damaged with a settling effect.
  • Use BBs with irreproachable sphericity

Questions  (3)

A partir de Stéphane | 2023-09-29 12:52:31

Ce chargeur est il compatible avec la réplique FN HERSTAL M4 GBBR (ref 200521 sur votre site)?
Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.


oui il sera compatible.

A partir de Matthieu | 2023-03-06 19:50:43

Bonjour est-ce que c’est chargeur sont compatible sur la hk 416 vfc gbbr gen3


non il ne sera pas compatible.

A partir de Daniel | 2021-10-27 11:38:13

Bonjour est t'il compatible avec la Golden Eagle M4 CQBR GBBR (MC6624)


Bonjour , non ce n'est pas compatible .


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