Enola gaye EG67 pyrotechnic BB grenade


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The EG67 grenade is the latest addition to Enola Gaye's family of grenades. Designed to the same dimensions as an M67 grenade, the new grenade replica is endowed with realism at the height (for a single-use grenade). The EG67 is equipped with a pin placed directly on top of the grenade for rapid deployment. This is located under the protective plastic cover. With an effective range of 5 meters or more, you can make a difference in the field. The detonation emitted by the grenade increases the realism without giving off too much sound that can cause damage to the players.

The body of EG67 pomegranate is made from a paper pulp with a filling of clay granules. The product has been designed to respect the environment, therefore: 95% of this product, including packaging, is biodegradable. Only the plug protecting the pin and the packaging are plastic. The body and all the components are made of paper, natural compositions and clay.

  • Burn time: about 4-6 seconds
  • Effect: Explosion / Fragments with clay granules
  • Effective Action Zone: 5 meters or more
  • Noise level: Max 120 dB at 10 meters
  • Ignition type: Pin
  • Dimensions: 67 mm in diameter x 85 mm in height
  • Water resistant: No




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