Balystik HPA male connector for KJ / WE / VFC GBB magazine (EU version)


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HPA valve without drilling, suitable for KJ / WE / VFC GBB or GBBR magazine with 5mm thread. Also Works on Stark Arms G17 magazines. Other models are potentially compatible.

These HPA valves boots seal thanks to the addition of blocking resin on the thread, allowing different positions levels depending on the brands and models. GBB magazine with talon may require modification.

These valves are only compatible with the pressure couplers and Balystik lines.

These valves are not compatible with Marui magazines and US couplers and line like NINJA and REDLINE.

Installation by a professional is recommended for modifying your HPA magazine because compressed air can pose a risk if the installation is not properly carried out. Furthermore, the fact of exceeding the pressure of green gas (110PSI) can cause property damage and serious injuy. 


Questions  (11)

From HISMANA c | 2021-03-21 19:37:26

Bonjour la valve hpa est-il compatible avec chargeur Aap01 ?


Bonjour , oui elle est compatible .


From Bastien | 2021-03-16 19:39:26

Bonjour, le produit est-il compatible avec un chargeur de MP7 A1 navy, VFC/Humarex.


Bonjour , oui il est compatible .


From Alexis L | 2021-02-14 19:06:30

Bonjour, la valve est elle compatible avec drum WA 350rds ? Sinon laquelle choisir ?


Bonjour , la valve est compatible .

From ruben sa | 2020-12-18 19:55:01

is it compatible with a we g17?


yes compatible

From Julien.L. | 2020-09-21 03:41:58

Compatible sur des chargeurs WE M4?


Bonjour , oui elles sont compatibles .

Cordialement ,

From simon v | 2020-09-03 09:11:57

Bonjour, compatible avec un HX AW CUSTOM ?


100% compatible

From Aniello V | 2020-01-27 20:20:04

Does this work on a GHK gbb ak magazine? If not is there one that will?


hi, the thread is the same yes. We don't advice those fittings in M4 Gbbr rifles due to the too low flow of air. we advice to drill and install high flow fittings. regards

From Kenny K | 2020-01-04 07:31:31

Will there adapters compatible with UMAREX HK416 A5 GBBR gas mags? Thank You.


Hello ,

No is not compatbile with Hk416 vfc.

Best regards

From Martin M | 2019-07-09 17:11:43

Will these Adapters be compatible with the gas mags for the ASG sp-01 shadow?
Thank you.


ASG sp-01 shadow = KJ Works so yes compatible

From Seb G | 2019-06-04 15:23:43

Est-ce que cette valve est compatible pour les chargeurs GBB type Glock 17 (WE) ?


Bonjour, oui compatible Cdt

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