BalystiK HPA no return valve male fitting for GBB magazine US Version


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This new fitting is especially made for GBB / GBBR magazine, the air will stop immediatly once you disconnect the HPA line and will keep pressure inside the magazine, very usefull to save a lot of air !

  • Slim design
  • High flow design allowing to play in semi-auto or full auto with GBB / GBBR magazine
  • HEX print inside the fitting for easier installation with M3 HEX key
  • Magazine can be used both with HPA and GAS (if installed on another location on the mag)
  • Keep air inside the magazine and seals under pressure
  • M9X1 postive thread
  • US Male HPA connector version for US version HPA lines

Instalation advice / Security warning

  • The fitting feature M9X1 male positive thread, so it will be necessary to use a M8 drill and M9X1 Tap
  • It is imperative to use high strengh chemical locking thread to ensure seal and strong build.
  • Professional installation by experienced gunsmith is strongly advised !
  • Never input more pressure than recommended by the magazine manufacturer
  • Kepp in mind that even disconnected the magazine have pressure and can fire a bb, never let your magazine on a replica if you don' play.

Data sheet

HPA Fitting typeUS



Questions  (4)

A partir de Sam | 2023-10-24 20:00:22

Any idea how many BB's you could fire when the line is disconnected from a glock magazine?
I'm wondering if i can install this on a few mags, and use it instead of gas.


Good morning;
you can shoot 2 or 3 shots with it.
Best regards.

A partir de Mihkel | 2023-10-06 18:31:06

Hi , FIT it whit shotgun gastubes?


no it will not be compatible.
Best regards.

A partir de didier | 2023-07-14 15:45:40

Bonjour savez-vous me dire si ses compatible avec le chargeur g28gbbr et les chargeur hk416 Gbbr merci à vous


non elle ne sera pas compatible sans modification.

A partir de David | 2023-06-20 20:51:10

Bonjour est se que c est compatible avec des magasin pour le Mk23 marui ?


non il ne sera pas compatible sans modification.

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