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New generation of the Creeper concepts adapter has arrived!

Our latest new adapter for the hi-capa. This is a laser sintered nylon adapter that allows you to connect a m4 magazine to your hi-capa gun. It fits 3.8, 4.3 and the 5.1 replica. 

Regulator and m4 magazine are not included. 

Some custom points with our latest adapters:

  • Hpa tap is fully tilted
  • Single stack
  • Straight BB channel for better feeding
  • Mechanical BB stop
  • Mag release has been incorporated into the design
  • Use of multiple brands of magazines now possible
  • Lighter product (weighs only 57 grams!)
  • New material for higher durability and impact strength
  • The adapter comes with both a WE and TM feeding tube!

We recommend using a 5.1 magazine.


Check the connector you are using US or EU, you must be 100% sure before purchasing this item.

This adapter is designed to operate between 90 and 120 psi. Works primarily with PTS EPM loaders

Pistol magazine not included, M4 magazine not included.


This HPA adapter can be ordered with a GBB magazine already fitted, check it out here

Data sheet

Weight57 gr
Main colorBlack
HPA Fitting typeEU
Output pressureMax 120 PSI


Magazine advice

Despite everything you can read on the internet and on on the manufacturer's manual, we recommend that you never introduce silicone or grease into airsoft magazines. Greasing has a devastating effect on a replica since it will directly grease the hop-up rubber and inner barrel, resulting in a loss of precision and even more accentuated dust fixing. Never introduce chemical products such as grease, silicone spray or any other kind into the magazine, the hop-up unit, the BBs, the internal parts of the AEGs. The silicone is only used on pneumatic parts such as a gearbox cylinder or a moving O-ring. Special recommandation regarding Mid-cap Magazine :

  • Limit the number of bbs by 70-80% of the mid-cap capacity, never force the introduction of the BBs with a BB loader.
  • Too many BBs can slow down the operation of the nozzle and that can have repercussions on the trajectory of the bbs and the feed.
  • If you want to keep your magazine for many years, it is also imperative for not working the spring to the maximum of its capabilities.
  • Never store your magazine filled for a long period of use, the spring loaded for a long time may be irreparably damaged with a settling effect.
  • Use BBs with irreproachable sphericity

Questions  (5)

A partir de Fabrizio | 2023-10-20 13:12:42

Is this product compatible with SSP5 6.0 Novritisch that uses SSP1 magazines?


yes it will be compatible.
Best regards.

A partir de Federico | 2023-07-17 22:32:41

Salve vorrei sapere se si adatta tra alla vorcs hi capa… grazie


no it will not be compatible.
Best regards.

A partir de Rafael | 2023-01-26 11:43:33

Does this adapter work for 1911 magazines, specifically the Army Armament Extended Plate magazines ?


no it will not be compatible with your charger.
Best regards.

A partir de Edwin | 2022-12-21 21:09:50

Are these magazines compatible?
1. ares amoeba short m4 120rd magazine?
2. Tornado 190rd hi cap short m4?
3. Bell 120rd short m4?

Many thanks


yes they will be compatible.
Best regards.

A partir de Gabriel | 2022-12-17 19:07:39

Bonjour compatible avec le chargeur du VORSK réplique gaz HI-capa 5.1 gold ? Si non un autre modèle qui l’est.



non il n'y a pas d'adaptateur HPA compatible avec vos chargeurs.

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