P6 Fusion Engine V2 M4 Poppet mod


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Thanks to this Bluetooth FCU you can manage settings directly with your ANDROID smartphone. Please note this option is a direct replacement of the standard FCU. You will receive the HPA system with Blutooth FCU and the original FCU won't be delievered. Price include a discount for this standard exchange

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  • T238 Bluetooth FCU for Polarstar HPA Engine

    • Bluetooth FCU for HPA engine
    • Compatibility : Polarstar F2, JACK, F1, Fusion engine
    • Auto-load function for gel ball blaster magazines
    • Android APP
    • Support 5~12.6V input voltage


    • Engine Type: This value is very important as it tells the control unit how many solenoids are used in the HPA system
    • CB Mode: Allows you to select the firing sequence with double solenoid setup : Open Bolt or closed Bolt
    • RAMP Mode : RAMP feature comes from paintball and let you to fire slow on SEMI mode. When firing speed increase and reach a preset threshold, the rifle will start firing on FULL AUTO mode while cadence remain the same: if it decrease, rifle will return on SEMI mode. (When enable RAMPMode, full-auto switch will be disabled)
    • Sniper Delay: When enable Sniper Delay, full-auto switch will be disabled, and the engine will only work in semi-auto mode, after each shot, the FCU will let you wait a period of time, and the length is determined by the set value
    • Magazine capacity limit: This function, if enabled, will cause the control unit to stop working once it reaches the set number of strokes and to resume, wait 2 seconds. This allows you to simulate mid / low cap magazines even if magazines with higher capacities are mounted underneath, moreover if set the real capacity of the assembled magazines you will avoid shooting empty.
    • Auto-load: When detect a connection of a gel ball magazine, the FCU will power the magazine for a period of time, and the length is determined by the set value
    • Friction Timer and Friction Value: Although often unnecessary with a well set replica, it may sometimes be necessary to set a higher poppet dwell value to overcome static friction. Static friction is a physical phenomenon that causes the first bullet to be fired after a period of inactivity and comes out with lower powers. If you notice that after a few minutes of inactivity the first bullet finds it difficult to be fired, or comes out weaker, it could be the fault of the static friction. Chose after how much seconds from last shoot (Friction Timer) your Friction Value will be summed to your Poppet Dwell (just the first shot). Put both these value to 0 to deactivate this function.
    • SEMI and AUTO: On some parameters you can read the words SEMI or AUTO before, this has be done to have different parameters value depending on your Fire Selector Position. When your gun is on Semi, FCU will use the Semi parameters otherwise, if in Auto position, will use the other.
    • Poppet Dwell: These are among the most important, and indicates how many tenths of a millisecond the solenoid will remain activated. We suggest to never set a value less than 30 to avoid missed shots or other problems.
    • Nozzle Dwell: Another fundamental value is Nozzle Dwell. Expressed in milliseconds, it indicates the time required to load the bullet into thehop-up chamber. It is used only on 2-solenoid systems. Its value depends very much on the BB Magazines used. We suggest never to go below 8 to avoid the risk of jamming or other BB loading problems.
    • Poppet Delay: It is a wait value expressed in milliseconds, a low value is useful for having higher ROF or reactivity, but often at the expense of precision. It should never be set to 0 nor too low. If the replica fails,increase this value. We suggest to never set a value less than 4.
    • Nozzle Delay: It is a wait value expressed in milliseconds, a low value is useful for having higher ROF or reactivity, but often at the expense of precision. It should never be set to 0 nor too low. If the replica fails, increase this value. It is advisable not to drop below 4

    Connection details :

    • 1 = Common positive +5V
    • 2 = Trigger switch: closing this contact to +5v positive will fire the BB
    • 3 = Full Auto Switch: closing this contact to +5v positive will activate the Auto Mode
    • 4 = Poppet Power Supply: this contact and +5V common positive will power on the Poppet Solenoid
    • 5 = Nozzle Power Supply: this contact and +5V common positive will power on the Nozzle Solenoid
    • 6 = It's a trigger driven negative Voltage
    • 7 = It's a direct battery positive Voltage
    • 8 = It's a trigger driven negative Voltage with auto-load function for gel ball blaster magazine
    • Connector allowed are JST ZH 5Pin and JST ZH 3Pin.

    *** Attention ***

    The extra cables provided are not necessary for the operation of a Polarstar system. You just have to plug in your Polarstar wire to make it work. Any extra wiring modification giving polarity inversions that will permanently damage the FCU will not be covered under warranty.

    58,28 €
    T238 Bluetooth FCU for Polarstar HPA Engine

    58,28 €

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More info

Polarstar Fusion Engine modified by P6 Workshop poppet mod wich reduce power and optimize air consumption.

The Polarstar Fusion Engine poppet is designed to work with all the powers offered by the wide range of nozzles, the original air flow is therefore very high and not optimized for low powers (large air release on poppet side and tiny nozzle diameter). Our preparation carried out in the workshop aims to modify the poppet by reducing the air flow released instantly by the valve and by enlarging the internal diameter of the original nozzle.The poppet air flow modification have only one single hole (unlike the red and yellow Polarstar sprinkler type poppets) and it is identical to the inner diameter of the modified nozzle, which optimizes air flow and air consumption for the requested power. Maximum power at 120 PSI is around 430FPS. FPS results may vary depending on the length and diameter of the barrel.

P6 poppet & nozzle mod include :

  • Modified Polarstar fusion engine by P6 Workshop
  • Original Poppet lowered air flow by 75%
  • Original Nozzle milled with large aperture with our turning lathe
  • 120 PSI is around 430FPS MAX
  • Comes with REV3 FCU

FPS may change with inner barrel lenght and inner diameter

Please note that instaling a HPA drop in system is recommanded for skilled gunsmith only. The product comes as a spare part and does not come with installation manual. By purchasing an HPA system you take entire responsability of the assembly and upcoming results. For products delivered with a trigger board, contactors / switch are not guaranted by the manufacturer in case of break. We advice to take extreme care when installing the selector plate in order to not break the button. Regarding the trigger switch, it is recommended to block mecanicaly the trigger once the the trigger switch is activated to avoid excessive pressure on it.

Data sheet

Caliber6mm Airsoft
HPA SystemPolarstar Fusion Engine
Power sourceHPA + battery
BatteryNot Included
Battery voltage7.4V
Battery chargerNot Included
Battery ConnectorJST
HPA Fitting type6mm hose
PackagingSingle Product


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Questions  (5)

A partir de Joel | 2023-03-14 15:57:35

I bought a sharp bros m4, I wanted to transform it into HPA, is this drop in compatible with the rifle?


Good morning;
no, the HPA gearbox will not be compatible with your replica.
Best regards.

A partir de Jules | 2023-03-01 10:38:21

bonjours compatible sur une réplique amoeba tel que la m45s class L ?


non la gearbox sera légèrement différente.

A partir de Thibaut | 2022-10-07 13:36:08

Bonjours quelle est le raccord de valve à ajouter sur le flexible de la GB? Merci


il vous faut une valve réf. : BA-HPA-NM6

A partir de fabrice | 2022-05-05 09:30:52

Ces composants sont-ils compatibles avec un G&G GC16 Wild Hog 13.5".


Bonjour , oui c'est parfaitement compatible .

A partir de rudy | 2022-04-25 01:34:43

Bonsoir ,
Ce système est t’il compatible avec la arp9 ?


Bonjour , oui il est parfaitement compatible .


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