AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels


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TDC is short for "Top Dead Center", a term used primarily in the context of internal combustion engines to refer to the position where the piston is at its maximum (highest) position in the cylinder. In airsoft, it refers to a device capable of continuously pushing (usually by means of an adjustment screw) on the arm of the Hop-Up chamber from the top, forming its upper limit (TDC) without unwanted play. In addition, the control is more sensitive, smoother and generally with a greater range than with a conventional lever control

The proposed TDC AirsoftPro is a simple device suitable for a wide range of airsoft sniper rifles. By rotating the ring, we adjust the pressure of the chamber arm and modify the trajectory of the ejected bullet. The device offers the user greater precision and comfort than adjustment with a screw or lever. Two types are offered, which differ in length, location of the fixing screw and lower arc for different barrel diameters. See table below.

The TDC device is manufactured on precision CNC machines from an aluminum alloy. It consists of a base and an adjustment ring. It is placed on the outer barrel, exactly above the Hop-Up chamber. Its low profile does not interfere, even with large riflescopes equipped with a sunshade. The TDC is not supported by gun manufacturers and cannot simply be attached and screwed. To install it, the barrel must be partially disassembled, the position of the chamber arm must be measured and a hole must be drilled in the outer barrel, exactly from the top. The TDC device adjustment screw passes through this hole. By rotating it, we modify its length and raise or lower the arm of the chamber, which modifies the trajectory of the bullet

In most cases, the TDC must be glued to the barrel with a second glue. In the package there is an M3x10 screw that can be used to screw the device through the barrel to the chamber. This screwing is logically better than gluing, however, few original chambers have a threaded hole. A typical example is the chamber for the MB01/04/05/06/08/13 Well. Also, newer AirsoftPro chambers have this thread on their top side and are TDC compatible.

We must not forget the orientation spirit level, which not only serves to make the device more precise, but which is also useful for shooting. If you tilt the weapon to the left or right, the bullet bends and is therefore less accurate. A glance from the shooter at the spirit level can correct this error.

Basic features:

  • Metallic construction
  • Original design
  • Precision CNC machining
  • Rounded edges to prevent snagging on material
  • Sensitive control (1 full turn = 0.5 mm of travel)
  • Locked position control ring - 26 positions per turn. One position = 0.02 mm of travel
  • Integrated spirit level
  • Can be attached to the chamber with a screw (certain chamber types only)
  • Suitable for outer barrels with a diameter of 26-30mm




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