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This kit for heating rations will be familiar to the military. It is available to those looking for a simple and basic solution to heat coffee or ration in the green. It includes in addition to the traditional ration kit 6 compact tablets of non-toxic FireDragon BCB gel. These 7g fuel capsules are made from aluminium, which means they can be used as a stove by simply removing the lid and lighting this environmentally friendly fuel. These gel capsules will heat 300ml of water from 10°C to 55°C in less than 5 minutes. These six capsules come with an ingeniously designed collapsible stove. This super-simplified stove is equipped with adjustable cup or ration support wings and can withstand multiple folds and unfolds.


  • 1 simplified folding stove
  • 1 gripping lever
  • 6 FireDragon Fuel tablets
  • 1 garbage bag
  • 1 box of 20 matches
  • 6 water purifying tablets
  • 3 toothpicks
  • Weight: 102g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 91 x 19mm


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