Balystik LiPo / Li-ion 20W fast battery charger


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The Balystik charger allows you to charge Lipo batteries with ease. Compact and lightweight, it will recharge your batteries quickly and safely. It can charge 2S/3S Li-po type batteries, there is a separate matching balancing port for each battery. It has many automatic features that adjust the current and voltage during cell charging using its built-in microprocessor.

  • Secure automatic charger
  • Fast charging power 20W
  • Input Voltage: 110-240V AC
  • Charging current: 3 x 1600mA
  • For 2S and 3S Lipo batteries (7.4V and 11.1V)
  • Supported battery type: LiPo / Li-ion

Display: operating mode indicator / charging indicator / full charge indicator (automatic stop charging)

Delivered with a 220/230v mains socket 60cm long and instructions for use.


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