Silverback Carbon barrel extension, XS size, 24mm CW


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1) Mounting options

These Carbon barrel extensions are designed to be used directly on our 24mm threaded outer barrels: SRS G-Spec barrels, SRS Sport barrels  and TAc-41 barrels.

To use these extensions on any other barrels, you will have to use a DT muzzle brake (please check references SBA-FHD-06 & SBA-FHD-07), and a set of timing shims (please check reference SBA-SIL-06). To properly time the muzzle brake, please refer the Youtube video (

You can skip the timing procedure if (and only if) you screw the muzzle brake all the way onto the outer barrel thread, ending in an unrealistic angular position.


2) Inner barrel length

Please refer to our charts to know the maximum inner barrel length of your personal configuration. For concentricity reasons, we suggest you also to respect a minimum inner barrel length (100 mm shorter than the maximum length). Your carbon barrel extension is delivered with barrel spacer(s) (1 piece for the XS model, 2 pieces for S/M/L models, and 3 pieces for the XL model). Install a barrel spacer at the inner barrel muzzle extremity, and if necessary, distribute the others on the protruding inner barrel. Additional barrel spacers can be purchased separately (please check reference SBA-BBS-11).


3) Muzzle-handguard/stock/rail offset

Please refer the chart to know the distance between the carbon barrel extension muzzle and the front face of the handguard/stock/rail . If the distance is negative, that means the carbon barrel extension muzzle will sit inside the handguard/stock/rail .


4) Integral silencer use

It is possible to use your carbon barrel extension as integrally suppressed barrel by using up to 100 mm (suggested) of foam filling on the muzzle side of your carbon barrel extension. Please check the reference SBA-SIL-18 for additional information.


5) Warnings

Filling the carbon barrel extension with foam may not be legal in your country: users should obey to the law regarding usage and ownership of sound suppressor devices. Using an inner barrel shorter than suggested length may generate concentricity issues at the muzzle. Carbon fibre tubes are prone to get scratched easily, or even broken by impacts. This product requires extra care from the user, specifically for the longer versions. Due to the manufacturing process, all tubes present an overlap pattern, and may not be exempt of small visual defects.

Data sheet

Lenght (mm)165
External Diameter (mm)30
MaterialCarbon fiber
Main colorBlack
Thread type24mm CW



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