GATE PULSAR D V2 dual-solenoid HPA Engine with TITAN II FCU - REAR


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PULSAR D HPA Engine (dual solenoid, closed-bolt) with TITAN II Bluetooth® EXPERT

thanks to optical sensors combined with HPA technology, you get an absurd trigger response never before seen in airsoft. Get insane muzzle velocities ranging from 250-650 FPS & ROF from 1-40 RPS for CQB, assault, and sniper replicas. Closed-bolt and the innovative feed system guarantee you a straight and repeatable BB trajectory even in full AUTO – every time. Engine calibration has never been easier – PULSAR D & TITAN II Bluetooth® is introducing innovative cycle synchronization automation. The most advanced and user-friendly GCS app lets you access a multitude of settings and configurations like binary trigger, trigger sensitivity, ROF – live via Bluetooth®. You can even use a remote trigger on your smartwatch. Install the world's smallest and most advanced dual solenoid valve HPA engine in replicas where previously not possible due to size constraints. Choose one of the five nozzles included or use a regular AEG one. Take your HPA replica into the future!

GCS App (GATE CONTROL STATION) gives you total control of your replica. It is a free universal app for configuring, controlling, and connecting the GATE Ecosystem elements such as the TITAN and ASTER Electronic Trigger Units or the tactical computer STATUS. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Wear OS, watchOS, Windows, and macOS devices.


PULSAR D is unrivaled thanks to the following combination:

  • Simple design
  • Innovative automatic synchronization of the nozzle movement cycle enables easier calibration – no need to fire thousands of rounds to achieve good FPS results and stable BB trajectories
  • Due to its innovative BB feed system and closed-bolt mode, it is definitely less sensitive to replica and assembly quality
  • Razor-sharp accuracy of the system – no unstable hop-up system symptom like in other HPA systems
  • Seamless integration & compatibility with the most advanced optical ETU/FCU TITAN II Bluetooth® for a synergy effect
  • High tolerances eliminating the mid-cap syndrome
  • Compatibility with any AEG nozzles
  • Zero nozzle wobble resulting in stable FPS when paired with GATE AEG nozzles, which translates into stable FPS and no mid-cap syndrome
  • No FPS drops on AUTO relative to SEMI mode at high RPS – up to 40 RPS with no FPS drops


SIMPLE - Easy maintenance, thanks to a well thought-out design

VALUE FOR MONEY - State-of-the-art technology at the best price

COMPACT - Smallest dual solenoid valve closed-bolt HPA engine with innovative cycle synchronization

Bluetooth® ETU/FCU CONTROLLED - TITAN II Bluetooth® V2 gearbox drop-in ETU FCU mosfet AEG HPA – the first Bluetooth optical unit in an HPA replica

  • Very high resolution trigger ‎sensor – up to 50 points of sensitivity in the first millimeter
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 – connectivity to other elements of the GATE ecosystem, e.g. STATUS, smartwatch
  • For the first time in HPA replicas configurable fire modes such as BINARY TRIGGER, BURST, etc.
  • Convenient GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS
  • Constant access to software updates

AEG COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with AEG nozzles – 5 nozzle lengths included for MP5, M4/M16:

  • 20.50mm
  • 20.80mm
  • 21.15mm
  • 21.25mm
  • 21.40mm

NO MID-CAP SYNDROME - Eliminated mid-cap syndrome thanks to high dimensional tolerance

ACCURACY - High accuracy due to the innovative BB feed system for HPA engines

STABILITY - FPS stability in full AUTO mode

ACCESSORIES - Use the multifunctional port to connect accessories such as the bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, tracer in the hop-Up chamber, electric magazine power supply


Solenoid Voltage Range : 5-8.4 V

Operating Pressure : 60-140 PSI – high pressure only

Gas Consumption : For 90 PSI and a 48 ci/0.8 l 300 bar/4500 PSI bottle – 0.7 PSI per shot

Dimensions with innovative cycle synchronization automation (Length x Diameter x Height) : 102 mm x 25.4 mm x 38.5 mm

Dimensions (Length x Diameter x Height) : 100 mm x 25.4 mm x 32 mm

Finished Product Weight : 90 g

Operating Temperature Range : min. -15° C, max. +50° C

Relative Humidity : ≤ 80%

Regulated ROF :1 to 40 RPS (BB feed correctness depends on magazine)

Velocity : 250 – 650 FPS

Operation Mode : Closed-Bolt / Open-Bolt

Pressure Range : 60 do 140 PSI

Data sheet

HPA SystemGate Pulsar
Power sourceHPA
BatteryNot Included
Battery ConnectorDEAN (T-Plug)
HPA Fitting type6mm hose




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